Feature 1

The Battle Cow is an arcade game that gives players complete control over every intended action. The game takes place in the Haywire Valley farm, where the Battle Cow has to fight the enemies and rescue the friends. A total of 24 animations of the Battle cow is designed according to different scenarios. We have used the latest technologies to enhance the appearance of the character throughout the game.The baby animals like cubs, kittens, calves, pups, etc are the friends of the Battle Cow who are trapped by the Boss and his gang.The enemies/ minions are the gang members who were sent by the Boss to trap the friends.


Feature 1

The Battle Cow has two modes, the farm mode and pen mode. There are 4 farm modes and farm mode has 5 pens where the friends are trapped in one of the pens. The players have to find the key and unlock the pens to rescue their friends. The Battle cow has to fight the enemies in the farm and collect coins before reaching the pen. And it has to defeat the minions in the pen and rescue the friends.

Feature 1

Game has a four set of Farms which gives the realistic view of a farm and the great set of colors in the farm makes it look More Attractive. Farm Assets are so properly designed to look real and give the user the realistic view of playing in the Farm.

The farm mode and pen mode have great adventure of unlocking and challenging hurdles to break and proceed ahead in the Game.Controls within the game are smooth and lets you hit the Enemy with perfection.

There are different Cow characters in the game and each character is unique and promising. 3D Animations of the Cow allows you to feel the real character with different abilities to fight the enemy.

Great Sound quality with each move is very much promising in the game and lets the user go through the farm fight with more interest. Different types of guns are available in the game with the wide variation of textures and realistic functionalities.

Great set of In – apps are there with the vast variety of guns and cow characters and also the animations are so amazing in the game.

Your winning moment will be captured with the great set of animations and lets you share with your friends in one click.

The game is available on both iOS and  Android, and with the Offline Mode you do not lose your progression.

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