Feature 1

The Unicorn Run is an endless runner game that is designed with vibrant game elements. The main objective of the game is that the players have to increase their fan counts. Whichever player has the highest number of fan count is considered as the winner. The level of challenge increases as the players move to the next level, making the players fanatical about the game. The game has various exciting and fun elements that attract the kids.

Feature 1

The game takes place in the Candy land where it is filled with yummylicious berries. The players ride on the alluring Unicorn destructing the obstacles and collecting berries.There are a total of 3 skins available in the game, but the last skins are locked- the player has to cross certain obstacles and gain powers to unlock the skins. The game has four different themes and each theme has its own kind of challenges.When the player crosses a particular distance, they reach the check-point, where the fans wave to them. 

Feature 1

The Unicorn requires energy, speed and time to reach the target.

The Unicorn has to collect all the berries it comes across while reaching the target, as it is the powerhouse of the Unicorn.

To attain the target, players can use three different power-ups, the Dash, Magnet, and Time.

The Dash power-up is used to increase the speed of the Unicorn.

The Magnet power-up is used to attract all the berries that appear on its way.

The Time power-up is used to increase the time-frame to reach the checkpoint.

The obstacles will restrain the Unicorn from reaching the target.


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